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Sausages and other Mangalica products - Mangalica

Sausages and other Mangalica products

Mangalica pork is a very fatty meat, which makes it ideal for the preparation of sausages.

In Hungary you can find varieties of salami, cured meat sausage, smoky paprika seasoned sausage, black pudding and Mangalica fresh meat sausage, as well as smoked liver and bacon following the traditional Hungarian gastronomy. The main Hungarian brands that produce and market these varieties of sausages are KÖVÉR TANYA and BIO GOODS.

Also, in Hungary you can find other products, usually handmade, such as pastries made with Mangalica filling, or preserves such as liver paste and Mangalica sour cream.

The Mangalica Festival, which is held in September in the city of Székesfehérvár, is probably the only place where you can find and taste practically all the typical products made with Mangalica.

In Spain, Monte Nevado sells an air-dried Mangalica pork loin prepared in the Spanish style.

In addition to cured ham and fresh meat, sausages are also prepared with Mangalica meat.

Mangalica Brands