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Mangalica: from forgotten product to gourmet product - Mangalica

Mangalica: from forgotten product to gourmet product

Mangalica meat is very suitable for the preparation of cured ham. This is because it is a very fatty pig and its fat slowly infiltrates all the pork meat, which makes it so tasty.

Mangalica pork is considered a gourmet product for its quality and fat infiltration, becoming one of the most prestigious of its kind. Products made from Mangalica pork are nowadays considered authentic delicacies by great international chefs, who include these delicatessen products in their menus. Nowadays, exquisite and refined dishes are created using Mangalica meat. 

A product is considered gourmet when it has outstanding organoleptic properties and has been prepared with exhaustive care and dedication. This is the case with Mangalica cured ham and Mangalica meat for high-level cuisine.

The case of Mangalica is representative of the evolution of the food trends of the 20th Century. Due to the difficulty and the slowness of its breeding, it was on the verge of disappearing because of the trend to intensive and fast meat production. Only when premium quality products opened the way at the end of the 20th Century was Mangalica rescued and it found its rightful place.