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Mangalica and Hungarian cuisine - Mangalica

Mangalica and Hungarian cuisine

Hungarian gastronomy, as part of its culture, is the result of a historical development over more than 1,000 years.

Rich in aromas and spicy flavors, its most famous dish is goulash based on beef, potatoes, vegetables, paprika and other spices. The use of pepper, paprika and garlic is common.

As Hungary has no seacoast, little fish is consumed. However, several species of chickens, ducks, quail, deer, wild boars and native animals are consumed, such as beef and sheep and the Mangalica pig.

Mangalica is used to make a wide variety of sausages, such as the famous salami (téliszalámi), whose production, in its current artisanal form, dates back to 1883. Other types of sausages are paprikás szalámi (salami with paprika) and csemege szalámi (salami made with a mixture of meat from Mangalica and veal), and the békéscsaba and gyula smoked sausages.

Butter from Mangalica is also used for frying at high temperatures in order to obtain a very tasty result.