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Mangalica and Kobe - Mangalica

Mangalica and Kobe

Recently, Mangalica pork meat is being compared with Kobe meat.

Kobe meat is so-called if it is beef of the Wagyu breed (a Japanese breed) that meets certain requirements. The comparison with Mangalica is due to the fact that this variety of meat is of the highest quality (this is how Kobe is considered in terms of beef).

To the special features of the Mangalica breed, the type of traditionally breeding is added, which gives the Mangalica meat an excellent nutritional profile, better than other more common varieties of pork.

Nowadays, it is also very appreciated by great chefs from all over the world, like Daniel Humm from Eleven Madison Park, who compare its incredible quality to that of Kobe meat. David Knell has stated in The New York Times that, “Unlike normal pork meat, that of Mangalica is veined and the fat dissolves on the tongue, it is softer and creamier, similar to Wagyu meat”.