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Mangalica and Asian cuisine - Mangalica

Mangalica and Asian cuisine

In recent years, Asian cuisine has incorporated Mangalica fresh pork meat, a delicatessen product for an innovative type of cuisine.

This is due to the high quality of this type of meat, which has increased the demand for this variety in their kitchens. Among the most popular dishes in Asian cuisine (Korean and Japanese) in which it is increasingly common to incorporate Mangalica meat, the following stand out and can be cited:

• The ‘Samgyeopsal’is a typical dish of Korean cuisine in which cuts of pork belly, "3 layers", are used, so called because they show the combination of fat and meat in 3 strips; for this, the meat of Mangalica is increasingly appreciated precisely for its tasty proportion of fat.

• The ‘'Bulgogi' ’ is a seasoned veal dish combined with pear juice or sugar, soy sauce, garlic, onion and sesame oil. In this case, the meat is presented in thin slices and seasoned before cooking.

• The famous‘ 'Galbi' ’ of Suwon is one of the most popular dishes in Korea. Mangalica pork or beef ribs are presented roasted in portions and seasoned before cooking.

• The ‘'Kimchijjiga' ’ is also very prevalent in Korean cuisine. It is an elaborate kimchi stew with pork meat.

• The ‘'Tonkatsu' ’ (a term coined in 1930) is a very popular dish in Japan. It consists of a pork chop, a centimeter thick, coated in breadcrumbs and fried, and always chopped. The exact size of Mangalica allows more and more for Tonkatsu to be cooked with it.

• The ‘'Katsudon'’ a very popular Japanese dish, consisting of a bowl of rice topped with a Mangalica pork chop in the Tonkatsu style.

• The ‘'Sukiyaki Mangalica' ’ is a Japanese dish made in the Nabemono style (Japanese steamed cuisine). It is made with pork cut into thin pieces combined with ingredients such as tofu, soy sauce, sugar and mirin.